Tithes & Offerings


There are three ways of giving to the ministry and mission of Ebenezer:

  1. In person giving: There is an offering box at the back of the church where you can place your offering envelopes.
  2. You can also mail your cheque to the church office. Please address your envelope to:
    Ebenezer Baptist Church
    6858 Fraser St.
    Vancouver, BC, V5X 3V1
  3. Online giving through Interac e-transfer: (accessible through your online banking at your financial institution. There is no charge to the church for this service.) The process is as follows:
    a. Login to your online bank account at your financial institution.
    b. Find the Interac e-transfer tab. Follow the steps as outlined there.
    c. Add Ebenezer as a new e-transfer recipient with the e-mail EbenezerTithes@shaw.ca
    d. One of the steps will be to make up a “security question” and “secret answer.”
    [Note: this step is necessary, as we do not have access to “auto-deposit” at this time]
    e. In the memo section, you may designate your giving to “General” or “Easter” or “Thanksgiving”.
    f. IMPORTANT: You must also send a separate e-mail to EbenezerTithes@shaw.ca with the “secret answer” to your “security question” so that we can deposit your e-transfer. Please also include your full name including middle initial, address, and donation amount. This will allow us to correctly record your donation for income tax receipt purposes.
    g. The next time you send an Interac e-transfer will not require an additional e-mail as we will keep your “secret answer” on file. Please use the same “security question.”


Thank you for your faithful giving and continued financial support!